Edits compiled from cutting-room-floor footage from a previous short film (My Friends Told Me About You). Diegetic audio from the original movie was removed but original score was reworked. Found audio materials include a BBC interview of actress Lindsay Wagner.

7 minutes (looping), multi-channel (3) (2009)

Filmed on consumer grade camcorder at Cochran’s Cabins on Kiwassa Lake in the Adirondack mountains of New York.  It features early footage of Gaius, the Italian Greyhound (December 9, 2005 – December 11, 2018).

30 minutes; single channel (2009)

Improvised “self-tape”.

Final cut recorded to a VHS tape and re-digitized.

22 minutes; single channel (2012)

found audio, faux soundtrack includes Popol Vuh and Oophoi. From a 2017 June trip.

20 minutes; single channel (2017)